Go Viral: 210 Catchy Contest Name Ideas that Attract Entries

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Choosing the perfect name for your contest is a fantastic way to give it an instant personality. It’s the hook that draws people in and gets them talking. A compelling contest name can mean the difference between a lukewarm reception and a viral sensation.


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To help you brainstorm, we’ve put together 210 unforgettable contest name ideas, along with tips for choosing the ultimate name for your next giveaway.

Types of Contest Names

  • Puns: Inject humor with names like “Win-Win Situation” or “Sweepstakes Stakes.”
  • Rhyming: Boost memorability with “Prizes and Surprises” or “Spin and Win.”
  • Funny: Make ’em chuckle with “Loot or Boot” or “Cash or Crash.”
  • Alliteration: Create a catchy rhythm with “Winner’s Wheel” or “Giveaway Gala.”
  • Themed: Tie your contest to a season or holiday (e.g., “Christmas Cash Craze”).
  • Inspiring: Motivate with “Prosperity Pursuit” or “Victory Vision.”
  • Pop Culture References: Tap into shared interests like “Game of Thrones” or “Star Wars.”
  • Nature-Inspired: Add a touch of wonder with “Ocean of Opportunities” or “Treasure Tree.”
  • Travel-Inspired: Fuel wanderlust with “Passport to Prizes” or “Voyage of Victory.”
  • Historical References: Evoke a sense of timelessness with “Gold Rush Giveaway” or “The Wealth of Nations.”
  • Wordplay: Use clever phrasing like “Cash a Falling Star” or “If Wishes Were Riches.”

Tips for Choosing a Winning Contest Name

  1. Target Audience: Tailor the name to their interests and sense of humor.
  2. Brand Voice: Maintain consistency with your blog’s overall tone.
  3. Keep it Short: Memorable names are snappy and easy to say.
  4. Hint at the Prize: Give people an idea of what they might win.
  5. Be Original: Stand out from the crowd with a unique name.

Let the Brainstorming Begin!

Use our 210 ideas as a springboard and have fun getting creative! Remember, the right name will build buzz, attract excited participants, and make your contest a smashing success.

210 Contest Name Ideas


Puns offer a fun and creative way to engage your audience. These names combine humor with wordplay to create an amusing contest experience.

  1. Frame and Fortune
  2. Sweepstakes Stakes
  3. Win-Win Situation
  4. Luck Be a Lady Tonight
  5. Potluck of Prizes
  6. Windfall Wonder
  7. Enter-Tain-Me
  8. Bonanza Bonanza
  9. Luck of the Draw
  10. Raffle Rumble
  11. Prized Possessions
  12. Trivia Twist
  13. Stake Your Claim
  14. Wheel of Fortune Frenzy
  15. Grand Slam Giveaway
  16. Quiz Quandary
  17. Winner Wonderland
  18. Trinket Trove
  19. Chance Dance
  20. Winning Whirlwind


Rhyming creates a catchy and memorable contest name. These options will stick in the minds of participants and potential entrants.

  1. Prizes and Surprises
  2. Spin and Win
  3. Contest Fest
  4. The Best Test
  5. Quiz Whizz
  6. Praise the Raise
  7. Hype the Type
  8. Steal the Deal
  9. Race the Pace
  10. Sweep the Leap
  11. Win the Spin
  12. Boost the Roost
  13. Prize with Surprise
  14. Dazzle the Raffle
  15. Guess and Impress
  16. Chase the Ace
  17. Taste the Race
  18. Blaze the Maze
  19. Wise Prize
  20. Score Galore


Inject a bit of humor into your contest with these whimsically witty names. They’re designed to put a smile on your participants’ faces and lighten the atmosphere.

  1. Win or Swim
  2. Cash or Crash
  3. Loot or Boot
  4. Quiz or Whiz
  5. Jackpot or Not
  6. Gold or Mold
  7. Stakes or Pancakes
  8. Victory or Misery
  9. Triumph or Trumpet
  10. Conquer or Cucumber
  11. Prize or French Fries
  12. Gain or Drain
  13. Profit or Coffit
  14. Bounty or County
  15. Glory or Story
  16. Luck or Cluck
  17. Riches or Stitches
  18. Reward or Outboard
  19. Fortune or Cartoon
  20. Sweepstakes or Cheesecakes


Alliteration is a technique that makes contest names easy to remember and fun to say. Using the same letter or sound at the beginning of words gives a rhythmic flow to the name.

  1. Winner’s Wheel
  2. Bounty Bonanza
  3. Cash Carnival
  4. Prize Parade
  5. Sweepstakes Soiree
  6. Luck Lagoon
  7. Trivia Triumph
  8. Giveaway Gala
  9. Reward Rave
  10. Jackpot Journey
  11. Fortune Festival
  12. Competition Commotion
  13. Victory Voyage
  14. Stakes Spectacle
  15. Quiz Quest
  16. Conquest Celebration
  17. Draw Dazzle
  18. Raffle Riot
  19. Contest Cosmos
  20. Win Wonderland

Themed Contests:

Themed contests are a fantastic way to tie your event into a specific time of year or cultural event. These contest names are perfect for seasonal or holiday-inspired competitions.

  1. Summer Solstice Sweepstakes
  2. Christmas Cash Craze
  3. Easter Egg-stravaganza
  4. Fall Fortune Frenzy
  5. Winter Winner Wonderland
  6. Halloween Haunt Hunt
  7. Valentine’s Victory
  8. Valentine’s Victory Voyage
  9. Spring Surprise Sweepstakes
  10. Thanksgiving Thrill Trivia
  11. New Year’s Nugget Hunt
  12. Autumn Ace Race
  13. Midsummer Money Madness
  14. Winter Wealth Whirl
  15. Thanksgiving Treasure Trivia
  16. Easter Earnings Extravaganza
  17. New Year’s Numbers Game
  18. Spring Spin & Win
  19. Halloween Horror Hunt
  20. Valentine’s Vault
  21. Christmas Chance Chase


Inspiring contest names ignite enthusiasm and ambition in participants. These names aim to motivate entrants to reach for the top.

  1. Reach for the Riches
  2. Victory Vision
  3. Prosperity Pursuit
  4. Triumph Trail
  5. Success Saga
  6. Fortune Forward
  7. Winning Ways
  8. Prize Pursuit
  9. Bounty Boost
  10. Earnings Endeavor
  11. Lucky Leap
  12. Jackpot Journey
  13. Chance Chase
  14. Wealth Wave
  15. Glory Goal
  16. Reward Rise
  17. Fortune Flight
  18. Triumph Trek
  19. Success Sprint

Pop Culture References:

Appeal to your audience’s shared cultural knowledge with these contest names. Drawing on popular movies, books, and TV shows, these options can help create a sense of community and camaraderie among your participants.

  1. Game of Tones
  2. Wheel of Fortune Fandom
  3. Cash of Clans
  4. World of Win-craft
  5. The Price is Bright
  6. Cash Me If You Can
  7. Golden Snitch Sweepstakes
  8. Star Wars: The Fortune Awakens
  9. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Gain
  10. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Jackpot
  11. Prize Panther
  12. Contest of Thrones
  13. Avengers: Infinity Win
  14. The Big Bang Bucks
  15. Jurassic Jackpot
  16. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest of Prizes
  17. The Fast and the Fortunate
  18. The Chronicles of Earnings: The Lion, the Witch and the Cashflow
  19. The Hunger Gains
  20. Twilight: Breaking Win


Drawing on the beauty and majesty of the natural world, these contest names provide a sense of grandeur and adventure.

  1. Winter Wealth Whirl
  2. Spring Surprise Sweepstakes
  3. Summer Solstice Sweepstakes
  4. Autumn Ace Race
  5. Sunshine Sweepstakes
  6. Raindrop Raffle
  7. Tsunami of Treasures
  8. Windfall Waterfall
  9. Cash Cascade
  10. Prize Pinnacle
  11. Fortune Forest
  12. Mountain of Money
  13. River of Rewards
  14. Valley of Victory
  15. Treasure Tree
  16. Ocean of Opportunities
  17. Bounty Beach
  18. Wealth Wave
  19. Dune of Fortune
  20. Golden Grove Giveaway


These contest names are ideal for brands in the travel industry or any organization running a contest with a travel-related prize. They convey the excitement and joy of discovery that comes with exploring new places.

  1. Around the World Win
  2. Adventure Awaits Award
  3. Passport to Prizes
  4. Globe-Trotter Giveaway
  5. Destination Destiny
  6. Journey to Jackpot
  7. Treasure Travels
  8. Expedition Earnings
  9. Voyage of Victory
  10. Sail to Success
  11. Trip to Triumph
  12. Flyaway Fortune
  13. Navigate to Nugget
  14. Raffle Roadtrip
  15. Cross-Continental Cash
  16. World Tour Treasure
  17. Pacific Prize Pursuit
  18. Atlantic Adventure Awards
  19. Mediterranean Money Mountain
  20. Caribbean Cash Cruise

Historical References:

For those with a love for history, these contest names draw upon various eras and significant events. They inspire a sense of grandeur and timelessness.

  1. Fortune’s Frontier
  2. Gold Rush Giveaway
  3. Victory Voyage
  4. Treasure Trailblazer
  5. El Dorado Expedition
  6. Quest for the Holy Grail
  7. Klondike Cash-in
  8. The Sweepstakes Scrolls
  9. Eureka! Earnings
  10. The Age of Acquisition
  11. The Loot of Atlantis
  12. The Odyssey of Opportunities
  13. The Rise and Rise of Prizes
  14. The Great Gatsby’s Grand Prize
  15. The Wealth of Nations
  16. Treasures of Troy
  17. Prizes of Persia
  18. Wealth of the Wild West
  19. The Cash Crusades
  20. The Bounty of Byzantium


These contest names utilize clever phrasing and idiomatic expressions for a catchy, fun twist. They’re sure to leave an impression!

  1. Wheel Be Fortune
  2. Cash a Falling Star
  3. Right on the Money
  4. The Art of the Deal
  5. The Buck Stops Here
  6. Making Cents of Prizes
  7. Dollars and Sense
  8. Winning Isn’t Everything
  9. If Wishes were Riches
  10. In it to Win it

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Choosing the perfect contest name is a fun and crucial step to launching a successful event. Use these 210 ideas to find a name that resonates with your audience, aligns with your brand, and builds excitement. Now, it’s your turn to get those creative juices flowing! Which name ideas spark inspiration for your next contest?

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