101 Good Landscaping Company Names

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There are many things to consider when starting a landscaping company. One of the most important is the company’s name. A good name will help customers remember you, while a bad name can actually hurt your business. So how do you come up with a good landscaping company name? Here are some tips.

How to Name a Landscape Business

1. Create a catchy acronym for your business name

creating a catchy acronym for your business name can help customers remember it more easily. Consider the first letter of each word in your business name to create an acronym that sticks.

2. Use words relevant to landscaping

When thinking of a name for your business, make sure it has meaning related to the industry you’re entering into. This will help potential customers understand what type of services you provide.

3. Play on words to create a pun

Using words with several different meanings can be a great way to make your business name memorable and meaningful. For example, “Yard Artistry” could refer to both the artistic nature of landscaping as well as the yard that you work in.

4. Combine two words to create a unique phrase

Combining two words can help you create a business name that stands out from the crowd and represents the services you provide. For example, “Lawn Lifesavers” could be used for someone specializing in lawn care or maintenance.

5. Incorporate your location into the name.

Incorporating the location of your business can help customers easily identify where they need to go to get their landscaping needs taken care of. For example, “Greensboro Lawn Care” could be used if your business is located in Greensboro, NC.

6. Brainstorm ideas with friends and family

When in doubt, talking to friends and family can be a great way to come up with ideas for your business name. They may even have suggestions that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own.

7. Search for other landscape businesses names to get some inspiration

Check out other landscape businesses in your area to get some ideas for your own business name. Seeing what has worked for them can help you come up with something that suits your own business.

8. Find out if the name is already taken and obtain a domain

Make sure the name you choose is available and obtain the .com domain for it. You don’t want to find out later that another company has already taken your business name or domain!


Good Landscaping Company Names

  1. Greenland Gardening
  2. Urban Oasis Landscapes
  3. Yard Architects
  4. Lawn Keepers
  5. Garden Gurus
  6. Green Thumb Lawn Care
  7. Yard Work Magic
  8. Green Gardeners
  9. Flora Fixers
  10. EcoExperts
  11. Plant Perfectionists
  12. Lawn Lifesavers
  13. Yard Artistry
  14. Outdoor Oasis Creators
  15. Evergreen Experts
  16. Tree Tenders
  17. Garden Designs Plus
  18. Lawn Masters
  19. Hedge Happenings
  20. Nature’s Paradise Inc.
  21. Paradise Landscape Solutions
  22. Greenway Gardens
  23. Garden of Wonders
  24. Nature’s Touch Landscaping
  25. Earth & Sky Land
  26. Green Dreamscapes
  27. Exotic Escape
  28. Nature’s Enclave
  29. Serene Sanctuary
  30. Garden Retreat
  31. Landscape Oasis
  32. Plant Paradise
  33. Floral Haven
  34. Lush Landscapes
  35. Outdoorsy Outpost
  36. Nature’s Nook
  37. Garden Getaway
  38. Zen Zone
  39. Outdoor Oasis
  40. Floral Fantasy
  41. Natural Wonderland
  42. Secret Garden
  43. Landscape Haven
  44. Outdoor Delight
  45. Nature’s Playground
  46. Plant Perfection
  47. Urban Retreat
  48. Garden Hideaway
  49. Valley Vista
  50. Landscaping Luxury
  51. Wildwood Garden
  52. Earthly Abode
  53. Springtime Splendor
  54. Green Haven
  55. Mountain Retreat
  56. Waterfall Oasis
  57. Countryside Dreams
  58. Terra Firma Resort
  59. Landscape Legacy
  60. Eco Adventure
  61. Floral Fantasyland
  62. Tropical Traverse
  63. Ecological Escape
  64. Woodland Garden
  65. Lush Lawnscape
  66. Palatial Patchwork
  67. Garden Glade
  68. Eco Retreat
  69. Paradise Pathway
  70. Outdoor Adventure
  71. Verdant Vista
  72. Verdant Vistas
  73. Nature’s Playground
  74. Landscape Revival
  75. Garden of Dreams
  76. Natural Havens
  77. Earthly Oasis
  78. Green Mountain Dream
  79. Wild Escape
  80. Floral Reflection
  81. Hilltop Haven
  82. Garden of Enchantment
  83. Garden Grotto
  84. Landscape Luxury
  85. Eden’s Paradise
  86. Floral Fiesta
  87. Garden of Splendor
  88. Outdoor Paradise
  89. Country Retreat
  90. Grassy Glade
  91. Landscape Magic
  92. Earthly Sanctuary
  93. Nature’s Wonderland
  94. Greenhaven Gardens
  95. Green Mountain Hideaway
  96. Serene Sanctuary
  97. Outdoor Oasis
  98. Nature’s Retreat
  99. Hillside Haven
  100. Garden of Reflection
  101. Tropical Getaway
  102. City Retreat
  103. Natural Nook
  104. Botanical Bliss
  105. Green Reflection
  106. Garden of Promise
  107. Floral Tapestry
  108. Eden’s Escape
  109. Mountain View Oasis
  110. Lush Lawns
  111. Landscaping Utopia
  112. Outdoor Delight
  113. Serene Splendor
  114. Nature’s Hideaway
  115. Wildflower Garden
  116. Secret Garden
  117. Paradise Park
  118. Natural Oasis
  119. Garden of Tranquility
  120. Pristine Pathways
  121. Nature’s Way
  122. Landscape Haven
  123. Earthly Escape
  124. Garden Haven
  125. Green Glimpse
  126. Woodland Retreat

Rhyming Landscaping Business Names

  1. Green Scene Machine
  2. Lawn Queen Clean
  3. Leafy Sheafy Griefy
  4. Trees Please With Ease
  5. Weed Breeders Needed
  6. Fertile Dirt Flirt
  7. Grass Class Mass
  8. Plant Brand Grant
  9. Dig Rig Big
  10. Shrub Hub Tub
  11. Reed Seed Feed
  12. Blooms Room Gloom
  13. Sprout Stout Out
  14. Moss Boss Cross
  15. Bloom Broom Zoom
  16. Trees Bees Knees

Pun Landscaping Business Names

  1. The Root of the Problem
  2. Sodfather Landscaping
  3. Ground Control
  4. Grass Is Greener Co
  5. Green As Can Bee
  6. Lawn and Order
  7. Topsoil Solutions
  8. Get Your Garden Growing!
  9. Weed It and Reap
  10. Treetops Landscaping
  11. Garden Variety
  12. Gardening the Seeds of Success
  13. Thrive N’ Strive Landscaping
  14. Bloomin’ Great Services
  15. A Cut Above Lawncare
  16. Bramble Patchwork
  17. Leaf It To Us Landscaping
  18. Green Thumb Gardeners
  19. Planting the Seeds of Happiness
  20. Nice N’ Green Lawn Care & Landscaping Services
  21. Earthy Treasures
  22. Weeding Out the Competition
  23. Out on a Limb Landscaping & Design
  24. Green To Go Lawncare Services
  25. Earth Artisans
  26. Turf MastersTerrascapes Unlimited
  27. Garden Guru’s
  28. Mulch Ado About Nothing Landscaping

There are many great landscaping company names to choose from, but you should take the time to consider what is best for your business. The list of 101 names we’ve provided will give you a good place to start brainstorming about what type of name would be the best fit for your vision and goals.

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