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Update: 2020  The motivated mom app is back and it is awesome.  I’ve downloaded a copy of the chore app on all my kids phones and my husbands. We had a family meeting to decide who would take on each task.

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It was too much to go and and assign all the tasks at one time, so each day I go in and assign any that I haven’t already. When they open the chore app they can see their chores for the day and everyone else’s.

We used to do sticker charts for the kids, but changing up the charts and making sure they were printed and following up was never done. With the new motivated moms app, it’s something that I personally check daily, because it’s already a habit for me, it’s much easier to follow up with the kids. And I can go back into the past to see what was done.

I love it!

Right now you can get the printables and access to the app for a year for just $1 a month. f$12 for the year.

The lovely lady that created the Motivated Moms checklist, her husband passed away. And he was her programmer for the app.

After he passed she wasn’t sure if she could, should or would continue with Motivated Moms. But eventually and thankfully she did and has. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to go looking for a new programmer or how much this endeavor must have cost her. Because she doesn’t charge very much at all for her app or her chore list printables, in there so many formats.

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve tried so many times to replicate her chore list just for my own personal use and I can’t do it. It is so complete in it’s entirety so thorough, I don’t have the time to do the amazing job she has done. And I am so happy that the app is coming back out soon.

I love the paper copy to put on fridge so my partner and kids can see all today’s to dos but I love the convenience of having everything right there on my phone.

I look forward to updating the app video below with the new Motivated Moms App.

Are you looking for a practical house cleaning schedule, a checklist, an app? Then the Motivated Moms app gives you an exact list of everything that needs to be done each day to keep your house clean and company ready.

This is my main system for cleaning my house clean. I LOVE THIS App!!! It’s a simple house cleaning checklist, but they have really thought of everything you need to do each day, each week, month and throughout the year.

Example every Wednesday is the task of “cutting nails”, as a mom this is an important task and I just think it’s so awesome that they have included things like that already.

If you don’t have kids, it’s easy to remove the daily tasks like “story time” out of your daily list. You can of course add in your own tasks as well.

Below is my video review on the Motivated Moms app.

Motivated Moms

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