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It’s often hard to stay motivated when you don’t know how long a goal will take to achieve.

Suspending disbelief and sticking with it, is always the real challenge.


GiveIt100 is an awesome idea, helping to motivate the people attempting the goal and inspiring others to get started.

One of the key elements in goal setting is having a deadline.

100 days is a nice round number for accomplishing something great.

If you haven’t heard or seen the #giveit100 movement, just wait to be inspired by some of these videos below.

Unfortunately you can no longer join the website, but that doesn’t have to stop you from sharing your YouTube videos or sharing your journey on Instagram.

If you are so inspired to start your own 100 day challenge, which I highly recommend you do, EVERY 100 DAYS, checkout the Freedom Journal to help keep you accountable on your journey.

Join the small percentage of people, perhaps the 1%, wink, wink, who would not only set a goal but invite others to benefit from your accomplishment.

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If you are ready to give it 100, we would love to follow and share your journey here on The One Percent.

Create videos as short or as long as you would like, upload them to YouTube, create a YouTube Playlist where you will keep all your give it 100 videos. Message us with your YouTube Playlist link and we will create your very own page here at The One Percent.

See some video examples below.


Be sure to head over to Katrina’s YouTube channel and tell her we want more!

Let’s help motivate everyone tenacious enough to start.

It’s not easy with to compete with, what I call the Goal Suckers, in life.

From responsibilities, friends, family and ourselves, making changes is hard when we don’t feel the support and encouragement is there.

Let the journeys of others online fuel you with support and engorgement.

There are others, like you, who want to grow and became even better then you are today.

2 thoughts on “#GiveIt100”

  1. Hi, I’ve tried loads of diets in the past and never been successful so thinking on trying think… Before I do could you help me with what foods i should eat because I just usually eat what my partner eats but he doesn’t gain weight so it’s easy for him and when i go out should I prepare my own meals and take it with me.
    I’ve not felt happy in myself for years now due to my weight i think i need help and support from someone who’s going through the same thing has me.

    Thank you

    1. I Jade I’m sorry this took so long. I’ve missed so many comments. Many people are really confused on what to eat so I’m going to write up a few meal plans to share with you. I’ll post like here this week. If you are still looking for help.

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