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It’s important to consciously decide and prioritize what we do each day or the important stuff will slip away.

I really need a clean, organized house to start the day with or I always feel distracted with tidying that needs to be done.

Keep on top of everything as best I can, I do have three kids under the age of 10, helps me feel free to focus on the more important things.

I used this word document for the longest time until I switched over to Motivated Moms for my cleaning and chores checklist and now I keep my 3 main priorities in ClickUp.

But it is still one of most successful weekly planners that I’ve every created for myself and I’ve created way to many.

Sometimes I would use the printable as a word document and file it out as I go in Word.

Sometimes I would take a snap shot of it and mark it up as a an image on my ipad, and when I was needing something more tactile, I’d print it out.

I like to mix it up to help my brain stay engaged and motivated.

I’m giving you the word document so you can edit it and make it your own, cause I’m sure many of you don’t need to be reminded to brush your kids hair in the morning, among other things.

I hope you enjoy. Be sure to subscribe for more printables.

If there is anything you like me to make, I’d love to hear about in the comments below.

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