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When you want a change in a specific area of your life, sometimes annual goal setting is not the answer. Focusing on a mini goal or creating a habit can be a better way to succeed depending on the change you want to make.

With the new year coming up we want to highlight some better ideas for achieving your goals in the new year.

Many people laugh at the idea of New Years Resolutions and maybe they are right.Once a year goal setting is not enough to ingrain the habits necessary to achieve those goals.

Have you ever heard Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret? Don’t Break the Chain. The printable calendar below will help you track your progress.


Download your free printable habit tracker for 2018.

Using the idea of not breaking the chain creates momentum in motivation. It makes it easier to keep going the longer you keep going.

To get motivated you need to get moving. Use this habit tracker to get your started.

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