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Looking for some cleaning motivation? I always am. Flylady was one of the first programs for house cleaning that really helped create a system for me.

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It really made me realize that just like most things you have to figure out what you can do each day, and create the daily habit of doing it.

If you keep getting stressed or frustrated that the laundry is never finished or you’re always having to clean up, then you’ll always be frustrated, because just like brushing your teeth, cleaning up, laundry, most things are daily tasks.

Success in everything comes from consistency, even keeping your house clean.

What you need to do is get on top of the laundry, then accept what is needed to keep it in check.

Many of us have a tendency to “get motivated”, and decide “that is it!”, I’m going to get “organized”.

We then spend the next day or two going all out, using every ounce of focus, energy and willpower we have to clean up, organize, do our taxes, etc. and then we are done, we finish, but finish without the energy and willpower left to maintain it.

We treated something that requires consistency, like a project that we can finish.

I’m not saying a big push to get something done or caught up on, is not the way to go, but if you often finish something like that and then don’t maintain it, it’s like a yo-yo diet, you did go slow enough to create any kind of long lasting habit that will have staying power.

I never found that the Flylady system was 100% enough on it’s own to keep my house at a livable tidy state but I still love to follow the daily missions.

I especially love the de-cluttering tasks and the monthly habits.

To fill in the holes I use Motivated Moms chore checklist. The membership is closed right now as they are working to get the app back out, but you can get a free month print out. Which really, you could just use over and over again.

Motivated Moms

Check Flylady out maybe this is something that will help get you started and keep you going.

Four steps to a better cleaning routine


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