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The Ultimate Acrylic Painting Course

I Love Acrylic Paint! And so will your canvas, your brushes and all those brilliant pictures in your head.
Nancy Reyner
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Professional and easy-to-follow videos show you all the ways to use acrylic – from traditional painting methods such as glazing, stippling, color mixing and dry brushing, as well as NEW contemporary methods such as flinging, pouring, sanding, layering, and hundreds more painting tips to get successful results.

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Turn mere drips and blobs into the visions on canvas you’ve been wanting to create. From your very first brushstroke to your ultimate masterpiece – this course has it all!

Easily master acrylic painting with the right skills. How? By getting the right information. I’m Nancy Reyner, one of the nation’s foremost acrylic experts, and international best-selling author of acrylic painting books. Hopefully I’m not sounding like an egotist here, but this is important stuff! Your time and money is valuable so I want you to know this course is worth it!

I’m a professional artist, and I love to teach as much as I love to paint. Also, I care. At least that’s what I’ve been told by the thousands of artists I’ve taught over the past 30 years. Unlike most professional painters, I am more than willing to share my hard-earned lessons with other artists – in full glorious easy to understand instruction along with DETAILS! – and lots of them. (Don’t like details? No problem, just fast forward past all the advice on what to buy to save money, which products and paint colors will get you everywhere, and other cool tips I share, and instead head to the juicy painting demonstrations).

Buy this course and you get TONS OF GREAT STUFF. The Ultimate Acrylic Painting Course includes 30 videos, over 11 hours of video instruction and 4 fully illustrated pdf books, (those best sellers I just mentioned) with hundreds of fun and exciting acrylic painting ideas and techniques. Also included are special tips (can I say Secret Tips?) on how to create successful paintings. Achieve a wide range of painting techniques in both Classic and Contemporary styles. Gain confidence to create any painting effect, style and image you desire!

Warning: Course side effects may include creative joy and a painting addiction!

This course has a special feature. It never gets old! Once you finish the course it doubles as a professional reference guide. In the middle of that brush stroke, you may wonder “what were those steps she did?” No problem. Quickly access any acrylic technique whenever needed using the course’s handy contents guide.

Oh and did I mention? In addition to 30 years as a professional painter, I am fully trained as a Certified Working Artist for Golden Artist Colors. And they make the best darn acrylic paint!! Full disclosure I don’t get any kick backs from Golden now that I’m a free agent. But I still love love their paints and products.

Please note: this course also INCLUDES these 3 other courses I offer here on Udemy: New & Easy Color Mixing for Painters, How to GoldLeaf & Acrylic Painting Ideas Over Gold Leaf and Pouring Acrylic Painting Techniques

The Ultimate Acrylic Painting Course


Information about this course; optimal approaches for learning about acrylic painting; and supplies needed for acrylic painting techniques. Please see this Lecture's RESOURCE Section. It has 9 downloadable pdf's, as well as 4 pdf books, and list of Course Contents.

Acrylic Paint: A Whole New World

Learning basic acrylic properties; Defining acrylic terms; Advantages of using acrylic paint; Ranges of possibilities and effects with acrylic

Paint Viscosities

Explore paint viscosity; Compare different acrylic paint lines: Heavy Body, Fluid, High Flow

Exploring Acrylic Binders

Understanding the different acrylic mediums, gels and pastes; Differences in matte and gloss sheens; How to use specialty mediums. Please see this Lecture’s Resource Section for a pdf document on specialty mediums.

Acrylic is the Inventors Toolbox

How to use the various acrylic binders to customize your paint & surfaces. Get creative by combining paint and binders for special techniques and effects

Classic Style Painting with Acrylic

Using acrylic to paint in a classic style, similar to oil painting

Oil Effects with Acrylic

Intensify color with refractive techniques, and other ways to enhance color; More tips to imitate oil paint effects with acrylic

Perfect Color Mixing

Learn to mix colors perfectly; Create optimal color palettes; General color theory

Surface Appeal

Create custom painting surfaces by using acrylic products to change the surface absorbency and texture

Pigments and Paints

Learn the differences between organic & inorganic pigments, which are also known as modern & mineral paint colors. Please see this Lecture’s Resource Section for two pdf documents on these paints.

Amazing Watercolor Effects with Acrylic

Imitate watercolor effects using acrylic; Create special effects by pouring color washes

The Truth About Over-Watering Acrylics

Tips on diluting acrylic with water to create color washes and other interesting effects

How to Make Acrylic Dry Slower

Learn methods to slow down the drying times of acrylic paint

Blending and Soft Edges

Blending with acrylic paint to create soft edges and color gradations

Transparency and Glazing

Learn how to use glazes and other transparent applications; Special demonstration for painting waves & clouds


Learn wet-in-wet techniques; Textural layering; Overlaying pastes to correct and change areas; Using sheens to enhance spatial depth

How to Make Acrylic Dry Faster

How to customize your paints so they dry fast; Choose the best surfaces for a faster working time

Acrylic Painting Made Easier

Explore ways to make acrylic painting easier

Pouring Acrylic - Part I

Understand what pouring techniques can do; Cell pouring; Ideas about pigment weights for pouring. Please see this Lecture’s Resource Section for a pdf document on these paints.

Pouring Acrylic - Part II

More pouring ideas; How to achieve marbleized paint effects; How to choose the best pouring mediums

Translucency and Atmospheric Veiling

Imitating wax or encaustic effects with acrylic paint; Enhancing the illusion of spatial depth in your image; Using the technique of sanding paint layers for special effects

Reflective Paints

Learn how to use reflective paints, such as the Interference and Iridescent paints; Create an interesting metallic drawing surface

How to Save Money

Find ways to save money including tips on purchasing supplies, reducing waste with supplies, and tips for reviving dried paint

Mixed Media and Collage

How to glue paper & objects with acrylic; Using the new process called Digital Mixed Media which combines photography with drawing, printing & paint; Creating acrylic skins; Collage tips using mixed materials; Achieving clean hard edges with taping

Acrylic and Gold Leaf

Easily apply gold leaf to any surface, AND explore the best acrylic painting techniques to combine with leaf for exciting images. Please see this Lecture’s Resource Section for two pdf documents on these paints.

Important Preparation Steps

Learn how to make your painting last a long time by using archival processes in the early stages of creating your painting, including stain sealing, priming with gesso, and selecting lightfast colors

Important Finishing Steps

Learn more ways to make your painting last longer by using archival processes in the final stages of creating your painting, including applying a finishing coat, using isolation coats, final varnishing with UV protection, good storage and shipping methods

Care and Cleaning of Brushes

Learn good practices for cleaning and storing your brushes to keep them looking their best for a long time

Pulling it All Together

A full demonstration taking one painting from start to finish, including many of the techniques in this course. This demonstration combines ten different layers all in one painting, using a different technique for each layer. Also included are preparation and finishing processes.


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