Clean Gut 21 Day Meal Plan

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Download: The Clean Gut 21 Day Meal Plan (PDF)

As I’ve gotten to my goal weight and ultimately just want to shift my body composition, I’ve been focusing more on nutrition, instead of calorie restriction.

I’ve learned that the body needs a true break from dieting (calorie restricting) and I don’t mean a break as in a cheat day or that day when when you binged on junk food. A break when you eat the amount of calories your body needs, and you eat good food nutritious food.

Food isn’t good calories, bad calories. It isn’t gaining weight vs losing weight. Food is supposed to be fuel for the body, if we don’t diet successfully and just get it down, we could end up spending years restricting vital nutrients our body needs.

So here’s to taking care of our gut, our body and our health.

Download: The Clean Gut 21 Day Meal Plan (PDF)

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