Are you a book lover? Do the smell of crisp pages, the feel of them between your fingers, the look at those majestic covers enthrall your senses? If so, then come in and take a look around! Whether you’re an avid reader or just have an occasional admiration for books, we are here to explore all facets of literature and help you find something new to read. Join us as we journey through vast forests of words letting our minds wander off on its adventure. Let’s get started – let’s open up some books!

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The Willpower Instinct PDF Download by Kelly McGonigal

Scroll down below for the Willpower Instinct PDF free download. The Willpower Instinct is about understanding and managing your willpower. It’s about why our efforts to change our bodies, improve our relationships, pursue a career, manage stress, or stop smoking so often fail–and how we can succeed by learning some simple principles of the mind. […]

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The 4-Hour Work Week

What makes The 4-Hour Work Week so life changing, is really the idea and the reminder that it’s not always about working harder. Taking into account, Parkinson’s law “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”, the 80/20 principle, spending your time on the 20% and the ability to outsource. Keeping

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The Best of Me

I really need to read this book again. I hardly remember the book or the movie. I do remember be very upset with how it ended. Not that it was a bad ending from a writing perspective but because, it’s not the ending I hoped for. I don’t want to give anything away if you

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