women in rage

Is Rage Yoga For You?

But perhaps Rage Yoga’s most distinctive feature is the addition of screamed swear words and offensive gestures like the middle finger as a way to release stress and add a sense of humour to age-old yoga poses. Source This new type of yoga was created by Lindsay Istace. A few years ago, she experienced a …

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lady doing dips on a rings

Tricep Dips Workout

Tone Up Your Arms This New Year With Tricep Dips Amongst men and women, one of the most sought after body parts is strong arms. Every New Year, thousands of us hit the gym in droves with the goal of bulking up or creating definition in our arms. We do bicep exercise after bicep exercise …

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lady doing a trx workout

Best TRX ABS Workouts

Nothing feels worse then when you’ve got an awesome piece of workout equipment at home, but you’re not using it.  Often times the motivation is lost once we get something like the TRX, because we don’t have a schedule or plan to follow for using it.  Or we get bored.  In both cases, the solution …

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