Family. It’s a word that evokes different emotions for different people; some of us can’t get enough of them, while others don’t want anything to do with the concept. We all come from vastly different backgrounds and upbringings, so it stands to reason that our relationship dynamics within a family unit are unique unto themselves. After scouring through generations-old recipes tucked away in dusty recipe boxes passed down through families and stories from far-flung relatives on their own interesting—and often times humorous—family experiences, I’ve realized how integral and multi-faceted this single word really is. Join me as we explore what makes “Family” special!

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Morning Prayer for Kids

I think it’s very important that children learn to practice gratitude. One of the easiest ways to include that in their daily routine is thanking the creator for all that we have. Morning prayer for kids is a fun way to include gratitude and prayer into their days. I hope you enjoy the few that

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