100 Unforgettable Bar Names That Will Make Your Day: Pun, Fun & Tons More!

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Welcome, fellow lovers of the libation, to a smorgasbord of bar names that might just make you spit out your drink (and not because it’s too strong)! Whether you’re dreaming of owning your very own watering hole, or simply in need of a hearty laugh, we’ve got you covered. Our glorious list of 100 bar names, carefully concocted for your amusement, ranges from the cleverly punny to the ridiculously funny, from the elegantly classy to the cheerfully quirky, and everything in between. So grab a comfy seat, pour your favorite beverage, and let’s get this party started!

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Bar Name Puns

In the world of bar names, puns reign supreme. After all, who could resist a chuckle or an appreciative groan at the ingenuity of these names? Pour yourself into the hilarious world of Pour Decisions or laugh at the inevitable truth of Sip Happens.

  1. The Pint of No Return
  2. Beer Necessities
  3. Pour Decisions
  4. The Bitter End
  5. Ale In A Day’s Work
  6. The Lager Picture
  7. Sip Happens
  8. Last Call Lounge
  9. Buzzed Lightyear’s
  10. Hops Scotch

Rhyming Bar Name Ideas

They say things are better in pairs, and these rhyming bar names are no exception. Imagine the catchy marquees of Cheers and Beers or the fun vibe of Suds and Spuds. You’ll be reciting these names in no time!

  1. Wines and Vines
  2. Booze and Cruise
  3. Mugs and Jugs
  4. Pints and Prints
  5. Cheers and Beers
  6. Sips and Dips
  7. Brews and Views
  8. Toasts and Roasts
  9. Corks and Forks
  10. Suds and Spuds

Funny/Quirky Bar Names

Fancy a night out at The Drunken Donkey or perhaps The Tipsy Teapot? These fun and quirky bar names promise a good time and a lot of laughter. And who knows? You might even meet a Booze Hound or two!

  1. The Drunken Donkey
  2. Liquorish Allsorts
  3. Pickled Pig Pub
  4. The Boozy Bison
  5. The Tipsy Teapot
  6. Inebriation Station
  7. Guzzle & Gobble
  8. Lush Puppies
  9. The Booze Hound
  10. Ale Mary’s

Classy/Elegant Bar Names

For those with refined taste, our collection of elegant bar names ooze sophistication and charm. Picture the glamour of sipping a cocktail at the Sapphire Lounge or the Velvet Vine. These places promise a taste of the high life.

  1. Sapphire Lounge
  2. Onyx Oak Bar
  3. Velvet Vine
  4. Amber Elegance
  5. Opal Orchid
  6. The Diamond Draught
  7. Pearl & Chalice
  8. Ebony Elixir
  9. The Silver Stir
  10. Gold Goblet Lounge

Cinema/Movies Inspired

Film buffs rejoice! We’ve brewed up a selection of bar names inspired by your favorite flicks. Fancy a pint at The Big Lebrewski or perhaps a cocktail at Tequila Mockingbird? These bars make every hour happy hour!

  1. Casablanca Cocktails
  2. The Godfather’s Grog
  3. Pulp Friction
  4. Tequila Mockingbird
  5. Gone with the Wine
  6. From Russia with Love (Vodka)
  7. The Drunken Master
  8. The Full Pint
  9. The Big Lebrewski
  10. A Clockwork Orange Juice Bar

Bar Names Inspired by Music

Music and drinks go hand in hand, and these music-inspired bar names hit all the right notes. From Rhythm and Booze to Symphony Sips, you’re sure to find a name that resonates with your inner melody.

  1. Bar-ber Shop Quartet
  2. Blues and Brews
  3. The Rock & Roll Refill
  4. Symphony Sips
  5. The Jazzed Julep
  6. Bar-room Ballad
  7. Harmony Hops
  8. The Lyric Liquor Lounge
  9. Beers in D Minor
  10. Rhythm and Booze

Historical/Literary Ideas for Bar Names

Ah, the classics. These historical and literary bar names bring a touch of nostalgia and a sense of sophistication. Picture spending an evening at Hemingway’s Hideaway or perhaps Chaucer’s Chalice. These places promise a tale or two over your favorite tipple.

  1. Hemingway’s Hideaway
  2. The Speakeasy Scribbler
  3. The Prohibition Pour
  4. Salinger’s Saloon
  5. Dickens’ Draught House
  6. Chaucer’s Chalice
  7. The Bronte Bar
  8. Austen’s Alehouse
  9. Twain’s Tavern
  10. Shakespeare’s Spirits

Sports Inspired

For the sports fanatics, these bar names will make you feel right at home. Whether it’s a touchdown at the Field Goal Fizz or a home run at Home Run Hops, these places guarantee a good game with every round.

  1. The Dugout Draught
  2. Slam Dunk Drunks
  3. The Penalty Pint
  4. Touchdown Tipples
  5. Field Goal Fizz
  6. The Olympic Ounce
  7. Home Run Hops
  8. Sideline Sips
  9. Knockout Nips
  10. Finish Line Flutes

Travel Inspired

Fancy a trip around the world without leaving your bar stool? These travel-inspired bar names will take your taste buds on a journey. From the Parisian Pint to the Mumbai Mule, every drink is a passport to a new destination.

  1. The Parisian Pint
  2. Manhattan Martinis
  3. The Tokyo Tipple
  4. Rome’s Roamer
  5. Dublin’s Draught
  6. Havana’s Hooch
  7. Sydney’s Spirits
  8. Berlin’s Brew
  9. Cairo’s Cocktails
  10. The Mumbai Mule

Space Inspired

And for those who like their drinks on the rocks… or perhaps, in the stars, these space-inspired bar names are out of this world. From the Cosmic Cocktail to the Lunar Lounge, these places promise an interstellar experience.

  1. The Cosmic Cocktail
  2. The Milky Way Martini
  3. The Starlight Saloon
  4. The Orion’s Belt Brewery
  5. The Martian Mojito
  6. Galaxy Grog
  7. Nebula Nip
  8. The Comet’s Cup
  9. Interstellar Inn
  10. Lunar Lounge

Nature Inspired

Embrace your wild side with these nature-inspired bar names! Picture sipping a pint at The Forest Froth or toasting to good times at The Ocean’s Ale. These names are as refreshing as a cool breeze, promising an adventure that’s simply ‘natur-ale’.

  1. The Forest Froth
  2. Mountain Mist Bar
  3. The Ocean’s Ale
  4. River Ripples Pub
  5. The Desert Draught
  6. Wildflower Wine Bar
  7. Cactus Cooler
  8. The Rainforest Rum
  9. Breezy Beach Bar
  10. The Snowfall Saloon

Fantasy Inspired

For the dreamers and lovers of all things mystical, our collection of fantasy-inspired bar names are a real ‘brew-tiful’ escape. Unleash your inner creature at The Dragon’s Draft or float into fantasy at Unicorn Utopia. So, here’s your chance to say ‘cheers’ in a realm where the ale is always magical!

  1. The Dragon’s Draft
  2. Unicorn Utopia
  3. The Mermaid’s Malt
  4. The Wizard’s Wine
  5. The Fairy’s Flask
  6. Nymph’s Nectar
  7. The Goblin’s Grog
  8. The Centaur’s Cider
  9. The Dwarf’s Draft
  10. The Elf’s Elixir

So there you have it! A round of 100 creative, hilarious, and downright ingenious bar names. We hope this list has filled your cup to the brim with inspiration, chuckles, and perhaps even a few “why didn’t I think of that?” moments. As you navigate the world of brews, spirits, and cocktails, remember that a bar’s name is just the cherry on top. So here’s

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