Welcome To The One Percent ~ About Us

Welcome to the One Percent is here to help motivate, inspire and move you into action. The idea behind the one percent is that small changes made every day can add up to significant results over time.

We know that success and consistency tend to go hand-in-hand, so we need to always be on the look out for new ideas and motivation to stay on track.

This is why I created Welcome to the One Percent. It’s a place where we can share our stories, goals and the steps we are taking to make positive changes in our lives.

Human beings are happiest when striving for something greater than themselves. As humans, we need to create and achieve more than just exist. We need to anticipate something in order for our bodies to produce the motivating feel-good dopamine.

Here at Welcome to the One Percent we love a nice steady stream of dopamine and we want to help you achieve that as well. We aim to bring you programs, recipes, apps, tools, resources, studies and more that will help motivate and inspire you.

Let’s get started!

Motivation is that extra push into action. It comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. Sometimes you can motivate yourself to take action just by thinking about the benefits of doing something.

However, it can be much harder when you need to take action when there are no immediate benefits or rewards for taking action.

That’s where little tricks and or changes in the way you think about things can help you stay on track and motivated. They can push you over that hurdle into action.

Stay tuned as we bring to you new recommendations for apps, health studies and tools each day! We aim to feature new things every day of the week (Monday through Sunday).

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